21 August 2012: News at NoSQL Now! 2012

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San Jose Convention Center (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We noted a few newsbits as the NoSQL Now! 2012 conference kicks off this morning in San Jose, CA. Here are excerpts from news releases and announcements:

VoltDB announces the availability of VoltDB-S at NoSQL Now! 2012, San Jose, CA

VoltDB (www.voltdb.com), announced the availability of VoltDB-S™, the world’s first database to accommodate millions of transactions per second, targeted specifically at emerging companies building innovative solutions. With this offering, VoltDB brings its revolutionary speed to startup and other emerging companies that need to perform real-time operations and analytics at data throughput rates that are impossible with traditional databases.

Read more at http://www.virtual-strategy.com/2012/08/21/voltdb-announces-availability-voltdb-s-nosql-now-2012-san-jose-ca#byQVY3XAChjyu0Xi.99

Neo Technology Launches Graph Database Partner Program

Neo Technology, creators of Neo4j, the world’s leading graph database, today launched the Neo4j Partner Graph program. Neo’s portfolio of partners including Centrum Systems, Codecentric, OpenCredo, Readify, and Open Software Integrators, have a solid track record in delivering valuable solutions to their clients. With their innovation-focused mindset, they make strong additions to the Neo4j partner ecosystem.

Read more at http://www.virtual-strategy.com/2012/08/21/neo-technology-launches-graph-database-partner-program#IO9O8UR6BBHEjrKD.99

GigaSpaces Explains How to Achieve Real-time Processing of Streaming Big Data

GigaSpaces Technologies, a pioneer of next-generation application platforms for mission-critical Big Data applications, is speaking at two sessions during the upcoming NoSQL Now! event on August 21-23 in San Jose, CA. GigaSpaces is speaking about how to make it easy to process streaming events in real time, and gain business insights even from the largest data sets, without giving up on technical business needs such as scalability, reliability and security.

Read more: http://www.melodika.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=362430&Itemid=50

Clustrix to Speak at NoSQL Now! Conference in San Jose

Clustrix, makers of the scale-out SQL database for Big Data applications, is  presenting an introductory technical session Thursday, August 23 at  Dataversity’s NoSQL Now! conference in San Jose. Filip Szymanski, head of  products at Clustrix, will present “Developing High Performance Applications in  the Cloud”. The session will focus on the challenges of running primary data  stores in the Cloud and the various options available to make databases perform  by scaling up, sharding or switching to high performance NoSQL and NewSQL  alternatives.

Read more at  http://www.virtual-strategy.com/2012/08/17/clustrix-speak-nosql-now-conference-san-jose#VGs2Hk03XWzeMVqR.99

Objectivity Inc. to Present at NoSQL Now! Conference

Objectivity, Inc., provider of the leading object and graph databases,
today announced that it will be presenting multiple sessions at Dataversity’s
NoSQL Now! Conference & Expo at the San Jose Convention Center. In addition
to several technical tutorials, Objectivity CEO Jay
Jarrell will be participating in the NoSQL “C Panel” moderated by Robert Scoble.
NoSQL Now! is an event dedicated to covering the dynamic field of NoSQL
technologies and will take place August 21 – 23, 2012. Please visit Objectivity
at booths 111 and 112.

Read more: http://storage.broadcastnewsroom.com/article/Objectivity-Inc-to-Present-at-NoSQL-Now!-Conference–2151648


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