14 August 2012: Sys-Con Media

English: Animated world ocean map (GIF), exhib...

Animated world ocean map (GIF), exhibiting various oceans. Azimuthal distance projection map is based on world map from this online Java tool by Henry Bottomley and altered using CorelDraw/PhotoPaint, et al. Map is centered on 85° W, 45° S, rotated 90° CCW (North Pole is to the left). Ocean boundaries per International Hydrographic Organisation. blue: ocean black: other substantial bodies of water (viz. Caspian Sea, Great Lakes) white: land green dotted line: map periphery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Cloud and Big Data Come Together to Give Climate Insights

Excerpt: A fascinating global ocean studies initiative helps best define some of the IT superlatives around big data, cloud computing, and middleware integration capabilities.
The Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) and its accompanying Cyberinfrastructure Program aims to provide an unprecedented ability to study the Earth’s oceans and climate using myriad distributed data centers and literally  oceans’ worth of data.

Read more: http://www.sys-con.com/node/2329895

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