Tap the 90 Returns for More Drinks and Data

24 July 2012
Lilly Mac’s, Sunnyvale CA


The loft at Lilly Mac’s was busy but not yet crowded when I arrived on Tuesday evening. There were nearly 20 people there, a crowd that would grow to more than 50 at its peak.

Even before I ordered a drink at the open bar or picked up food at the hors d’ouevre table – both complimentary and sponsored by Objectivity (www.objectivity.com) – I met Robert Stanley, president and CEO of IO Informatics (www.io-informatics.com). Robert gave me a quick tutorial on semantic databases and the semi-structured nature of the data they hold. IO Informatics customers are primarily in the pharmaceutical and medical space,   and the company provides them with software and services for data integration and transformative analytics. Like the relational databases that precede them, semantic databases can be distributed, and the company’s tools assemble datasets as needed from multiple physical locations.

Patricia Stamos

At the bar, I met Patricia Stamos, manager of marketing communications and events at Objectivity. Objectivity is a leading provider of distributed, realtime, SOA-enabled service and embedded database management solutions for mission-critical applications. I thanked her for her company’s hospitality and she introduced me to Anthony Farr, senior partner at G2M Australia (www.g2maustralia.com). Anthony was visiting the Bay Area from Australia to scout disruptive technologies that would benefit from establishing a beachhead in Australia.

As the room became more crowded I ran into Philip Rathle, Neo Technology’s (www.neotechnology.com) senior director of products. The company offers Neo4j, a NoSQL database that, according to their web site, addresses the complex, connected data challenges that enterprises face today.


Shankar Gopidas and Sam Kumarsamy

It dawned on me that I was attending my third Big Data Drinkup when I started running into familiar attendees such as Mike Becker of Lilien LLC (www.lilien.com) and Anurag Muander of dLoop. Mike, the consummate salesman, was networking and flashing his business card at every new person he encountered. As soon as we found a corner to talk, Mike and I discussed the possibility of co-sponsoring the next Drinkup event in San Francisco. We were later disappointed to hear from Lynn Bender that his sponsor list for near-future Drinkup events was filled. Mike and I found that disappointing and will probably restate our case to Lynn soon.

As I made my way to the bar I ran into Robert Cheong from Objectivity. The company’s flagship product, Objectivity/DB, is used by government, security, complex manufacturing, commercial services, science, and engineering organizations to increase speed, precision and productivity.

I also met Devender Babu, who is currently a big data Hadoop business analyst at AOL (www.aol.com), formerly with Cisco and HP. After connecting with me on Linkedin with our phones, Devender promised to check out the Tap the 90 blog and follow up with me in the near future.

L-R: Shankar Gopidas, Anthony Farr, Louie Yan

From the corner of my eye, I caught my Tap the 90 (http://tapthe90.com) colleagues Shankar Gopidas and Louie Yan having a lively chat with Anthony Farr, senior partner for G2M Australia. I joined them and noted that Anthony’s background was in networking and security.

We later met a very vocal Hemant G. Kirpekar, founder and president of Object & Data Labs (www.objectdatalabs.com). Object & Data Labs delivers leading-edge training to knowledge workers in topics such as advanced SQL, designing a data warehouse, SAN and NAS implementation, Oracle system administration, database concepts and design, and XML. Hemant is also a real estate investor in Southern California and an instructor at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz.  His objective is to build the most efficiently-optimized portfolio through extremely low-cost index funds and broad ETFs.


Lynn Binder thanks attendees and event sponsor Objectivity.

Tap the 90 once again took advantage of Drinks and Data to meet and mingle with the big data analytics crowd. This time around the crowd seemed more technically-oriented than business-driven. All the better for us to gain more exposure to the technologies that drive this growing segment. In addition to the people we met, there were attendees from SAP Labs, eBay, Hortonworks, and HP. Altogether, the crowd made possible a productive, informative, enjoyable summer evening.

Curated by Shankar Gopidas, Sam Kumarsamy and Louie Yan, the Tap the 90 blog delivers information on the business, technology and science of big data analytics. Check us out on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter!

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