22 July 2012: Phys.org

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“Minority Report” Software Hits the Real World

Excerpt: The interface developed by scientist John Underkoffler has been commercialized by the Los Angeles firm Oblong Industries as a way to sift through massive amounts of video and other data. And yes, the software can be used by law enforcement and intelligence services. But no, it is not the “pre-crime” detection program illustrated in the 2002 Steven Spielberg sci-fi film. Kwin Kramer, chief executive of Oblong, said the software can help in searching through “big data” for information. It can also create souped-up video-conference capabilities where participants share data from multiple devices like smartphones and tablets, integrated into a large video display.

Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2012-07-minority-software-real-world.html#jCp

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