20 July 2012: Data Center Knowledge


Arcane filing system (Photo credit: roberthuffstutter)

Object Storage, and the Death Knell of the File System

Excerpt: Today, we are witnessing…[a] sea change as Big Data imposes its consequences upon underlying data storage infrastructures, and give rise to radically new data storage approaches. Object storage is one of them….About a decade ago, we hit another data storage inflection point when relational databases proved inefficient for storing the massive volumes of small log files that were generated in research projects. The result is a range of new innovations such as Hadoop and MapReduce, and Big Data for analytics. We also refer to this as semi-structured data. A similar problem now occurs with data sets made of larger, unstructured files, where analyst predict up to 90 percent of the massive data growth is expected for the next decade.

Read more: http://www.datacenterknowledge.com/archives/2012/07/20/object-storage-death-knell-file-system/

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