5 July 2012: ZDNet

1939 Ford pick-up truck

1939 Ford pick-up truck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ford‘s Big Data Chief Sees Massive Possibilities, But the Tools Need Work

Excerpt: While Big Data is arguably the hottest buzz phrase in tech in 2012, there is a shockingly scarce amount of information about how real companies are using Big Data to do big things. We recently sat down with Ford, one of the world’s most data-driven and data-rich companies, to talk about how the revived U.S. automaker is using Big Data analytics for real world stuff and what kinds of possibilities it sees for the future of this red-hot segment of IT.

Read more: http://www.zdnet.com/fords-big-data-chief-sees-massive-possibilities-but-the-tools-need-work-7000000322/

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